My goal is to make EVERY video game sound effect available for gamers worldwide – but this wouldn’t be possible without you! 💜

There are two crazy ways you can support our mission – at no cost to you!

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Listen to our Lofi Beats Playlist While Relaxing, Gaming, Chilling or Sleeping!

The best way to help me justify investing hundreds of hours every month to keep this project growing, is by playing my lofi beats in your background while sleeping gaming or just chilling – i’ll be forever thankful ❤️

The CRAZIEST way to support would be to leave the playlist looping FOREVER AND EVER on 1% volume… but any plays and listens are appreciated deeply! 💜

They’re also 100% DMCA Free & Copyright Free For Any Livestreamers, Vlogs & Content Creation.

Disclaimer: I receive $0.003 per play on these tracks at no cost to you. I invest a ton of time into searching, listening, sound mixing etc. on these sound effects so they’re accessible for people looking for them for nostalgic or video editing reasons. Many people kept asking for ways to help me justify this time investment, so I decided to put all my lofi beats in a playlist where you can do so just by playing the beats in your background. As mentioned above, we get compensated per play so the more you listen (or keep playing in your background) the more you’re helping – thank you so much ❤️